About the Collaboration

The DUNE Collaboration, May 2018, Fermilab. Photo: R. Hahn, Fermilab


The DUNE Science Collaboration is currently made up of over 1000 collaborators from 175 institutions in 32 countries plus CERN. The collaboration works closely with the LBNF Project to ensure the coordinated development of facilities and detectors that will enable the ambitious physics program.


Stefan Söldner-Rembold

Edward Blucher

DUNE is led by two co-spokespersons, Stefan Söldner-Rembold, Professor of Physics at University of Manchester and Edward Blucher, Professor of Physics at University of Chicago.

Eric James, Scientist at Fermilab, is Technical Coordinator and heads the DUNE Technical Board.  Steve Kettell, Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, is the Deputy Technical Coordinator.

Each participating institution is represented on the DUNE Institutional Board, which is chaired by Bob Wilson, Professor of Physics at Colorado State University.

A structure of consortia, working groups, task forces, boards and committees has been established to advance work in each of the key areas of physics research, in development of the detectors and prototypes and for coordination of interfaces among these areas and between DUNE and LBNF. Leadership and membership of these groups reflect DUNE’s commitment to fully integrating the participating institutions from around the world into the planning and execution of the collaboration’s activities and to provide roles for younger members.


DUNE Collaboration Meeting at CERN, January 2018. Photo: CERN