Kirsty Duffy
Near Detector design
Fermilab, United States

I think doing what you’re interested in is always more important than doing what you think you should do. I wasn’t from a kid like, ‘I am going to be a physicist.’ I thought all that physics stuff was very interesting, but that I would grow out of it and get a proper job. I thought that I should be a lawyer or a doctor because those were considered ‘good jobs.’ I’m kind of squeamish, so doctor was out and so I thought, ‘Well, I guess I’ll go to University and do Law.’ I went to a university fair and spoke with a Lawyer who told me to do something I liked for undergrad, and then follow law after that. So, I came home and decided I would do physics. I thought I would leave after my undergrad to go pursue law and get a proper job. But, I didn’t – I stayed for my masters… and then my PhD. So, I did the kind of standard way into physics, which I think makes me seem a lot more certain than I ever was. But I think at some point I realized that I was basically fighting against myself, trying to talk myself out of physics.