Josh Klein
Trigger mechanism for DUNE and ProtoDUNE
University of Pennsylvania, United States

I started off wanting to be an astronomer. Of course it was because of the cool pictures, but also because astronomy was all about discovering the unknown. In grad school I decided to change to physics, since it felt like more of a broader thing, although I’m on the fence and I still do some astronomy. I work on the data acquisition trigger for the DUNE detector and its prototypes, and I enjoy working on an experiment of the scale and technical challenge that this one presents. I worked on the SNO experiment at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory underground in Canada, and I remember the first time we saw a muon neutrino in the detector. That was very satisfying. It was like when you’re climbing a mountain, that was the point where you stop before you hit the top, you turn around and look, you take a break. But you know you have a lot of climbing left to do.