Jolie Macier
DUNE-US Project Manager
Fermilab, United States

I enjoy running. When I travel I try to make sure that I get out and run in new places. It gives me a chance to pause and absorb my surroundings by getting around on my two feet, as opposed to just driving through. Yes, it’s physical, but it’s also an exploration, which of course is at the base is what DUNE is all about. Exploration is pretty embedded in my other hobbies too. Snowshoeing is on my list of fun things to do in the winter. Before, snowshoes looked kind of like tennis rackets for your feet, but they’re much more advanced now. They’re basically big contraptions, you buckle your feet in, and then you can tromp around in a few inches of snow. The idea is that you pretty much stay on the surface, cause the snow shoes are so wide it’s distributing your weight. I’m sure there’s a more in-depth physics explanation that we can rely on one of our other collaboration members for…