Alan Grant
Project engineer for anode plane assemblies
STFC Daresbury Laboratory, United Kingdom

I’m helping build the DUNE anode plane assemblies (APAs), which will form the major part of the DUNE detector. We recently finished two prototype APAs for installation in a cryostat at CERN. Now we’re fine-tuning the APA build process in preparation for the full production run of 150 APAs. The APAs are large and made of thousands of turns of wire, roughly 24 kilometers for each APA. It’s an engineering challenge to wind the wire and build the wire chambers. Another challenge will be to set up the production factory. I’ve always enjoyed technical subjects, even going through school — technical drawing, metal and woodwork. Technology and hands-on related subjects.

Before moving into Daresbury, I served a four-year apprenticeship as a toolmaker at Ford Motor Company. I stayed a further two years before I left to do a degree in mechanical engineering at Liverpool University. I had a couple of positions elsewhere in industry before I joined Daresbury Laboratory. I enjoy working at Daresbury. The work is always challenging and never mundane or routine. I’ve now been here roughly 28 years. There’s always a new project around the corner. When I’m not working, I enjoy going walking in the lake district. I go up there regularly with my wife and enjoy short breaks taking in the scenery. My other passion is golf. I am a keen golfer and a member of a local golf club. I especially enjoy the 19th hole and the tales of the score that might have been.