Jogesh Rout
Graduate student
Jawaharlal Nehru University, India

I grew up in a small village, Gadadharpur, Cuttack, in India. I might be the first person from my village to get a Ph.D., thanks to the support of my family and especially my elder brother, Manguli Rout. They always encouraged me, and at every step of my education they told me to aim higher. Now I am working on my Ph.D., and I even got to spend four months in America, at Fermilab, to work with some great people and do part of my Ph.D. research. My work for DUNE focuses on beam optimization techniques. I use simulations to study different horn and target systems to create the best particle beam that will allow us to get the best, most precise neutrino measurements with the DUNE detectors. When I don’t work on physics, I love to spend time with friends and listen to music.