Christos Touramanis
ProtoDUNE single-phase co-coordinator at CERN; SBND planning
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

I once took a bike trip all the way from the UK to Greece and back. It was a memorable trip and something I was quite proud of. I love driving through interesting places and taking detours. Sometimes I take the small, winding roads through the mountains in France to check out the scenery and the culture. Travel is almost symbolic in my life. When I was returning from a trip to SLAC in California, I was in the airport and got a call from some of my colleagues from the UK. They were putting together T2K, a neutrino experiment, and as I was checking in at the airport, these colleagues started to tell me about it. I went into the terminal with my passport and I started to think about joining T2K. It was as if I was crossing over into a career in neutrino physics right there at the terminal. Ever since then I’ve worked on neutrinos. Now, for DUNE, I find I really enjoy the challenge of working with novel technologies on a large scale. I also get to come into contact with so many cultures and young people with fresh new ideas and witness it all melding together.