Beatriz Tapia Oregui
Simulations for single- and dual-phase detectors
University of Texas, United States

When I was younger, I sang in a choir. Becoming a professional opera singer was one of the first professions I considered. In school, however, I started to realize how much I loved science — how it seeks to answer questions about things we don’t understand. And physics was my favorite because it used math to describe everything around us. I read a lot of books about science, but they were non-technical and helped spark my interest in science as a child. I still love reading and immersing myself in learning and traveling. After my undergraduate degree, which I got in Germany, I moved to the U.S. Since moving here, I’ve been able to fully explore how much I love physics. The physics culture here, on projects like DUNE, encourages communication and collaboration. I just love watching this kind of collaborative dream we have come together.